Sunday, August 4, 2013

7 months ago

I love recalling those sweet memories happened in my life. It makes me wants to go through those beautiful moments over and over again. Sometimes I wish I owns the time machine to go back to time that I intend to re-experienced the moments where me and my friends were having fun together. Since we seldom met each other, we spend our time together by hanging out to release the feeling of longing from the bottom of our heart... 

BBQ time with friends at my home

To someone... I would prefer to become friend with you. Just friend. From the very first time I sent text to you, I just want to be friend with you but not more than that. I would prefer you to consider me as a friend instead of the 'special one'. I'm sorry for saying this. It just that I'm not ready to open my heart because I'm afraid of being hurt once again...

The heart shape is much more better than previous one... :D