Monday, August 29, 2011

Break Fast at McDonald~

I would like to share on whatever happened in my life yesterday….Especially when it comes to meet friends of mine. We have decided to break our fast together at Mc Donald situated at New Castle a.k.a Kota Bharu. I have not seen them for a long time, so we planned to meet there. We have not seen each other since our previous school time in form 5… Since then, all of my friends took their own path in pursuing their studies.. We always seeing each other but just in facebook….^^ Emmmm let’s get back to my story, usually, we used to meet at Kaybee Mall but for this time we have decided to meet at other places..  We finally met there to break our fast together. However, not all of my friends managed to come. Huhuhu….I did took some pictures when we were there..You may scroll down to see those pictures… ^_^

It’s great being with you guys! 
   Hopefully we can meet again….